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Adam Lorenzo owned a college bar while attending college at Syracuse University. No joke. 

Working and laughing with people from all over the world, he learned invaluable life lessons in that cathedral of knowledge known as a . . . college bar! 

Adam applied all of that knowledge when he changed career paths and  graduated to accomplish his dream of becoming a television/movie writer . . . inspiring him to share that knowledge in his first book. 

A high-concept life-wisdom/humor book. It’s about thinking, not drinking. It features text and hilarious illustrations from Antonio Pinna. 

A perfect (graduation or any time) gift for students, parents, professors,  teaching assistants, college sports fans, anyone who has ever stepped  foot on a college campus, likes to laugh or just likes to watch other people laugh (albeit creepy).

ISBN: 9781949024562


All I Need To Know I Learned From My College Bar

SKU: 9781949024562-TP