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"Where we're from, the birds sing a pretty song and there's always music in the air." When author Scott Ryan (Fire Walk With Me: Your Laura Disappeared, The Last Days of Letterman) heard those words on the television series Twin Peaks in 1990, he wanted to live there as well. Problem was, most of the music that played in Twin Peaks was not released. Only one soundtrack came out from the series, and one from a film. It wasn't until 2011 until director David Lynch and composer Angelo Badalamenti opened the archives and released every track on MP3. These tracks were never officially released and do not stream anywhere today.


Ryan interviews band members who performed the songs, music editors and directors from the series, as well as uses archive interviews from the late Badalamenti and singer from the series, Julee Cruise. This book takes a look at all the music that was in the air from Cruise's 1989 release Floating into the Night, through all the Twin Peaks soundtracks, the archives, as well as the releases from the Twin Peaks reboot, The Return in 2017.

Interviews with Dean Hurley (Composer), Tim Hunter (Director), Lori Eschler (Music Editor), David Slusser (Composer, Music Editor), Kevin Laffey (A&R for Julee Cruise), Duwayne Dunham (Editor, Director), Kinny Landrum, (Keyboards) and Al Regni (Saxophone), and excerpts from Ryan's 2018 interview with Julee Cruise.


ISBN: 9781959748106

Always Music in the Air: The Sounds of Twin Peaks

SKU: 9781959748106-TP
Ships in May 2025
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