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How do I get my book out to the world? Which program should I use to design a book? How do I make an eBook? How can I use social media to sell copies? Do I need an ISBN? What is an LCCN and how does it help me?

Navigating self-publishing can often mean entering a world of confusion. Lucky for you, there are people who have already ventured down the path and made it out on the other side. Writers, publishers, and designers Erin O'Neil (Author of Gui Ren and a 30 under 30 honoree of the International Literacy Association) and Scott Ryan (Author of The Last Days of Letterman, Moonlighting: An Oral History and the managing editor of The Blue Rose magazine) answer all your publishing questions and more in But, Couldn't I Do That? Answering Your Questions about Self-Publishing.

Erin & Scott lead future bestsellers through the self-publishing process from idea to distribution. This book recounts how Erin self-published her debut book and what she learned from the experience, from blogging and promotional library appearances to online storytelling events and conferences. Scott tells how his first book was with a major publisher and how he ended up starting his own publishing company for the books that followed. He now is the co-president of Fayetteville Mafia Press, featuring multiple authors and world-wide distribution.

Chapter topics include: why self-publishing, how to create a cover, using social media to promote your work, the best writing software to use, how to design a book, purchasing ISBNs, how to get your book to print, the importance of a peer group, and how to truly set yourself up for success.

Stop wondering if you can self-publish your next book. You can, and this book will tell you how.


Table of Contents


  • How Did Erin Do That?
  • How Did Scott Do That?
  • How Do I Develop a Story?
  • Why Self-Publishing?
  • How Do I Design a Cover?
  • How Do I Promote My Book?
  • Which Softwares Do I Need?
  • How Do I Design My Book?
  • How Do I Get a Barcode and an ISBN?
  • What Else Do I Need?
  • Can You Tell Me One More Time?
  • Setting Yourself Up for Success



But Couldn't I Do That?