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Often known as “the master of human comedy,” Miloš Forman was a man of many faces and multiple talents. He acted, wrote, and directed. He made documentaries and political satire, but also biopics, musicals, and adaptations of almost operatic proportion. This comprehensive book explores all of Forman’s work—from his early Czech films Black Peter (1964), Loves of a Blonde (1965), and The Firemen’s Ball (1967) to modern American classics like One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975), Hair (1979), and Amadeus (1984)— and features dazzling photos, rare documents, and interviews with more than seventy people. These include Michael Douglas, Danny DeVito, Christopher Lloyd, Courtney Love, Edward Norton, Annette Bening, Treat Williams, Woody Harrelson, Beverly D’Angelo, Stellan Skarsgård, Patton Oswalt, John Savage, Brad Dourif, Louise Fletcher, James Cromwell, F. Murray Abraham, Elizabeth McGovern, Henry Thomas, Oliver Stone, Mike Leigh, Mia Farrow, Michael Stipe, Bo Goldman, Twyla Tharp, Patrizia von Brandenstein, Michael Hausman, Mike Medavoy, Lynzee Klingman, and Martina Forman.


Coming in Spring 2025

Directed By Milos Forman: An Oral History of His Life and Films

SKU: 9781949024722-TP
Expected to ship in Spring 2025
  • An oral history of the career of filmmaker Milos Forman. Coming in Spring 2025

  • Andreas Halskov is a Danish film critic and author. Aside from teaching film culture at Aarhus University, he works as a curator at the two biggest art house theaters in Denmark, an editor of the scholarly film journal 16:9, and a film expert in various other contexts and media. He has written books on David Lynch, New Hollywood Cinema, the American film industry, and modern TV drama, and he has interviewed more than five hundred  people from the industry. In 2018, he organized a comprehensive retrospective of Forman’s work, and he eulogized the director in one of the biggest newspapers in Denmark.

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