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David Addison and Maddie Hayes are back. After years of being lost in legal troubles, the 1980s classic screwball detective series returned to the culture when HULU started streaming the series that starred Cybill Shepherd and Bruce Willis. Moonlighting podcasters Grace Chivell and Shawna Saari take readers through an episode by episode guide to keep track of every Bee that Bees, every chase scene that gets messy, every rhyme of its time, and every kiss between these two sexy leads. The book will bring all those pop culture references back to the forefront and will remind readers why they loved this series so much.

Creator of the series Glenn Gordon Caron returns to write the foreword and the book is peppered with comments from executive producer Jay Daniel as well. Lock your family in the closet and read this tribute to one of the most beloved series of all time.


Be sure to order Scott Ryan's Oral History of Moonlighting to go along with this book.


ISBN: 9781959748045


You can order the Ebook here.

Moonlighting An Episode Guide

SKU: 9781959748045-TP
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  • Grace Chivell and Shawna Saari of Moonlighting the Podcast do what they do best and take a deep dive into each episode of the hit eighties series Moonlighting starring Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd. From 1985-1989, Willis and Shepherd played the “will they won’t they” game under the guise of LA detectives solving entertaining mysteries. However, audiences weren’t really tuning in to see who the killer was they tuned in for the irreverent, lightening-fast dialogue, the
    madcap laughs, and the amazing chemistry between its two leads, Maddie Hayes and David Addison, which is still unmatched to this day on television. Grace and Shawna revisit the series each week on their podcast—analyzing, hypothesizing, and scrutinizing each moment of the show. The bulk of what they’ve uncovered about the series lies within the pages of this book. This episode guide is a must have for any fan and is the perfect companion for a series watch—or rewatch!

    This should ship in early December


  • Grace Chivell and Shawna Saari of Moonlighting the Podcast

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